How do we work?

We treat each project as a challenge: even the smallest one is treated individually and with passion.

We design to create emotions in the audience. We want our designs to enrich the reality.

It is possible thanks to our full commitment and understanding of your needs.

Although each project is different, our style of work is always the same and consists of several elements.

Project stages

Each project starts with recognizing your expectations. We ask you to fill in the brief form, so that we may assess your needs: a type of a design, a target group and an advertising medium.
The first step is the hardest. Inspiration is a whimsical thing – sometimes the ideas are born in pain, sometimes they come unexpectedly. We wait for this exciting moment.
We make a big cup of coffee and start to create a work of art for you. We always propose several versions of the design, so that you can make the right choice.
The project is not done until it pleases both you and us. So, we wait for your feedback and introduce necessary improvements.
We show you available printing options and assist you in choosing the right one. There are many possibilities – functionality, quality, budget and imagination are decisive.
You have made an excellent choice! We keep our fingers crossed for you and wait for more challenges.


„Why 6kątów? It’s knowledge, creativity, speed and a full understanding of the client’s needs. That’s all you need!” Dorota Stankowska / Stankowscy Praktyka Dentystyczna (Stankowscy Dental Practice)
„6kątów is a cornucopia of ideas. Their strengths are creativity and an ability to adjust ideas to the personality of an individual client and the specifics and mission of their business. These are invaluable qualities nowadays.” Justyna Żejmo / Just In Business Doradztwo Ekonomiczne (Just In Economic Consulting)
„We only needed business cards. A simple thing. But 6kątów treated this project like a huge advertising campaign – a precise meeting, several designs, perfect paper and quick printing – we’ll do all our next projects only with them!” Tomasz Trzaskowski / PB Kancelaria Prawna (BP Legal Councelling)
„A perfect cooperation! What is important for me is conscientiousness and punctuality – what is to be done by tomorrow is done by tonight. Recommendable.” Przemysław Stankowski / Akademia Dawsona Polska (The Dawson Academy Polska)
„Punctuality, creativity and great aesthetic feel. I wholeheartedly recommend them!” Tomasz Maron / Maron Agencja Promocyjna (Maron Promotion Agency)
„So far I have been designing things myself, but the help of the professionals from 6kątów has turned out to be invaluable. Now, thanks to them, I save time and money.” Paweł Andersz / Andersz Dental Boutique
„Our project (a logo, banners, leaflets and a stand) that we have worked on with 6kątów turned out to be a very precise answer to all my needs and expectations. Active listening to the client is a trait which I value enormously. We understood each other straight away. A perfect cooperation!!!” Justyna Żejmo / Akademia Szczęśliwej Kobiety (The Academy of a Happy Woman)